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Secrets and Silences (2018)

12 b/w inkjet prints on newspaper, 245 cm x 119 cm

vinyl text, crushed porcelain

The work Secrets and Silences is about exclusion and finding a secret space for creativity.

I have worked with layers on several levels as well as changes in the daylight. Depending on weather and time of day, texts will appear as shadows on the images, rendering some of the texts to become integrated in the imagery but also more visible. Further, I have worked with several barriers, such as the glass, crushed porcelain, distance, and hidden objects. Thus oscillating between inviting and rejecting the spectator.

The piece works both fast and slow, i.e. the spectator can spend little or much time with it and discover different contents. The same apply with regards to distance; spectators viewing the piece from a distance will experience something else than those viewing it up-close.

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